Steph Curry

“Girls, Girls, Girls”: Ayesha Curry, Abortion and NBA Playoffs

@UpscaleIG caught up on the latest craziness of the world including the NBA Playoffs, abortion and the fight for women’s rights, Ayesha Curry looking for her groove (hey baby) and more.





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Episode 21 – “Independent Women”: A Discussion on Independent Women vs. Providing Men

The crew take on the discussion of “Independent Women” and whether or not that’s a good thing. in the week’s discussion, many have weighed in on whether a man who avoids an independent woman simply wants control vs being a provider and natural giver. @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy also touch on Kevin Hart, the Grammys, Black Girl Magic, Content Creators, NBA Madness, Meek Milly and more.

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Episode 16 – “Hate Me Now”: Blackface, Hate Crimes and Overcoming Trauma in Relationships

In what was a difficult week for many, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @JayeSweets try to digest the hate crimes of recent. In an effort to keep spirits up, the UI team also discusses the crazy week in scoring for the Splash Brothers, shows a salute to Diddy and Elon Musk. UI also takes a deeper look at the ability of people to so easily advice at leaving a relationship. Peep the agenda below

Ten in Ten
1. Diddy
2. Bombs
3. Megyn Kelly
4. Kroger Shooting
5. Ethiopia has a new Pres
6. Flint Water
7. trump and citizenship
8. Simone Biles
9. Splash Bros, Jimmy Butler and NBA Recap
10. Skipping College

Food For Thought
1. Staying Through Trauma in a Relationship

Ignorant S***
1. Nick Cannon Battles Who?
2. I’m Not Black, I’m Dr. Phil
3. Uproar Over Uproar
4. 50 Front Row for Ja
5. Boogie Cousins
6. R.I.P. Madea

The Wrap Up
1. Best Thing Out
2. Worst Thing Out
3. Halloween Scared
4. Name That Movie
5. #QFTC: Best Scary Movie

Questions For the Culture: What’s the Best Scary Movie Ever?

Episode 12 – Introducing “Running Clock”: NBA Talk

With the Upscale Ignorance crew on vacation, we thought we’d preview our upcoming show Running Clock. Running Clock features sports talk, with today’s diving into the impact and results of Lavar Ball (0:00), is the NBA too friendly (6:00), Big 3 Recap (12:00), Seattle Storm rout (14:45) and finally, it’s dive into the top position players in the NBA starting with the top 5 PGs for the upcoming season (16:00).

Buckle up!

Episode 6.3 – “NBA All-Decade Teams”

The crew discusses Jay and is Philly Made in America. Drake and Shiggy. Is Ciara trippin? Philly ain’t Made in America? Gurley, Le’Veon and NFL Love. Kawhi and Demar Love, NBA Summer League, Free Agents and NBA All-Decade Teams. Forbes 100 Celebrities, Take a Knee, Nia Wilson, Blacks on screen and more…

Segment 1 – Music Talk

Segment 2 – NFL and NBA Talk

Segment 3 – NBA All-Decade Teams

Segment 4 – Culture Talk

Episode 5.2 – “LABron, Free Agency and the Future”

The crew talks all the latest music drops, crazy NBA Free Agency and more…

Music: Drake, Jay Z and Beyonce, Nas, Teyana Taylor, Jay Rock, Kanye West and Kid Cudi album releases. Also, Carter V coming, Joe Jackson and more.

Hoop: NBA Free Agency, LeBron, DeMarcus Cousins, Warriors, Lakers, Kawhi and more…

Episode 3.3 – “NBA Finals Wrap Up”

This week on Upscale Ignorance, the crew talks Albums by Kanye, Pusha T and Black Thought. NBA Finals Wrap Up and the Carter 3 10th Anniversary. Finally, a final look at Anthony Bordain, Mental Health in Hollywood and Quick Hits.¬†Episode title: “The G.O.O.D. Bad and the Ugly”

  1. Segment 1 – Album Reviews
  2. Segment 2 – Carter 3 10th Anniversary
  3. Segment 3 – NBA Finals Wrap Up
  4. Segment 4 – Anthony Bordain and Mental Health in Hollywood