“Jungle Fever”: Nicole Murphy, Antoine Fuqua and Black Men Interracial Dating

@UpscaleIG talks the Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua fiasco. Is she a homewrecker or is everyone trippin? Plus, a discussion around black men dating outside their race and a few viewpoints surrounding it. Typical stereotypes, self-awareness and more. Plus we put you up on some good new music and a bunch of Ignorant Shit. We want to hear from you on the #QFTC: If you can have a collab album between any rapper and singer, who would it be? Stay Sticky…
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“Hakuna Matata”: Lion King, NFL is Back and a Conversation on Black Men’s Health

@UpscaleIG talks The Lion King and Beyonce The Gift soundtrack. Plus, Green is through the roof with the return of the NFL and the squad has a real convo breaking stigmas about health and wellness for black men. All that and Young Dro throwing pudding in the latest.
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“Africa”: Ariel is black, 007 is black, Jesus is…NBA Jam and Agent Orange on his BS.

@UpscaleIG is back! Leave for a quick vacay and NBA Jam comes back. Plus, Ariel, 007 and Jesus are black. trump trippin, ICE trippin, people trippin with cucumbers and R. Kelly trippin trippin!

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“Look At Me Now”: Chris Brown x Indigo, NBA Free Agency, Pride Month and Why Black People Don’t Get The Same Love

@UpscaleIG talked the NBA craziness, from Kevin Durant to the Knicks failure and everything in between. Plus, the evolution of Chris Brown and where his legacy stands amongst the greatest entertainers. Last but certainly not least, a good conversation on Pride Month and why the world will ride for gays and celebrate while avoiding the same energy come February. We also ask @JoyHollings what it’s like being both black and gay and if that slighted feeling is ignorance or valid. Peep the latest and share your thoughts…

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#QuestionsForTheCulture: All-Town Team, Seattle’s Best High School Basketball Players

Seattle’s been the best-kept secret for high school basketball for quite some time now, putting out some of the best talents in the world. From recent standouts like Dejounte Murray and Zach LaVine to the greatest of the greats, Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry. But damn it, check up! We sat down to get to our five greatest in each era, from 1950 to 1999 and 2000 and beyond. So peep the episode and hear ours, featuring Gus and Ryland. Hit us with your lists at @upscaleig.

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Episode 28 – “Snowpacalypse Now” ft. @TallHomeyVita and #SnowMageddon2019

Did it SNOW where you were??? We got bombed here meaning the week off, but never fear…earlier this year, Seattle’s greatest producer since Quincy Jones dropped a funky mix for ya’ll to vibe out. And when I say it’s funky, I mean it’s FUNKY! Vitamin D is nothing short of a musical genius and legend, and before you get his story on Upscale Ignorance, we’ll hit you with some of his work! Peep this mix, (House Party Style) and we’ll be back with you soon! S/O #Snowmageddon2019 for the cabin fever.

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Episode 27 – “The Chronic” ft. @JarvDee: Music From Seattle to Seoul

I just wanna smoke my weed and listen to this podcast, with @JarvDee narrating the ups and downs of the music industry. @TrapMoneyFreshy and @GreenDiggidy catch up and find out how this Seattle native has music poppin’ in Seoul, Korea and why you should never give up on the grind. Plus, hella laughs and thoughts on 6ix9ine, 21 Savage, the “not so” Super Bowl (#ImWithKap), Bow Wow and more…sponsored by Sukie’s Candle Company. (@sukiescandleco)

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Episode 25 – “Survivor” ft. @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash: A Surviving R. Kelly Community Discussion to Address Issues and Move Forward Together

In our first Live Podcast, the crew aimed to create an open, safe space for the community to address the Surviving R. Kelly series, its implications on a larger scale, and how we can heal together. Featuring @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash, Licensed Therapists with additional resources to help the community come together, learn and heal.

Hosts: @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy


  1. Seeing Something, Saying Nothing
  2. Young Ladies and Adult Males
  3. Parent/Child Communication and Relationships
  4. The Blame Game
  5. Separating Artistry From Person
  6. Increase In Interest In R. Kelly?
  7. Song Lyrics and Messages. 90s and Current
  8. Selling Sex to Kids
  9. Control and Brainwashing
  10. Victim Shaming? Victim Blaming?
  11. Common In Black Community? All communities?
  12. “Surviving Lies” with R. Kelly?
  13. Elevation of Broken People .Celebrities
  14. Courts and Investigations
  15. Sexual Assault Lines Surge
  16. Difficulties In Speaking Up
  17. Current Persona and Public Appearances
  18. Help for R. Kelly?

#QuestionsForTheCulture – CD Memories

Chillin with the folks at @AfricatownSea, the @UpscaleIG team share some fond memories of the Central District, nothing more, nothing less. Join the conversation…check out @UpscaleIG on Facebook and Instagram and share your love for the CD!

Hosts: @GreenDiggidy, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @JayeSweets
Guests: @Wykingrmc and @TraeHoliday of

Episode 22 – “The Hood Ain’t The Same”: Overcoming Gentrification, Building Our Future Together

@UpscaleIG caught up with the dope folks at @AfricatownSea to talk about the incredible work they’ve done to restore and continue the beautiful, vibrant and strong community that is the Central District. Walking through the issues of gentrification, overcoming and building toward a better future for the black community, Africa town is doing the work to rebuild the culture, black business and create a sense of community in a place WE called HOME! Hear that and plenty more as the crew show the CD love.

Be sure to check out the many works and resources at Africa town:

Text “HOME” to (206) 309-6324 for more information on housing, business and health resources.

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