Seattle NAACP

“Banned From TV”: Byron Allen, NAACP Update and #WhoShotGhost

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” is back to discuss Byron Allen and his monumental case v. Comcast and Charter. Even more, how this case could impact the civil rights of millions by reversing the 1865 Civil Rights Act. Also, updates to the NAACP Seattle Chapter and its president, Sadiqa Sakin. Plus, the crew discuss Power and weigh in on #WhoShotGhost. Popeye’s drops the chicken sandwich and finally the entire team has had a bite, Kanye West releases Jesus is King, the Warriors need Jesus and #YearOfTheBlackQB continues. Peep the latest and for more on the Byron Allen case, hear from the man himself here.
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“The Questions”: NAACP Seattle Chapter Discussion with Sadiqa Sakin

@UpscaleIG  caught up with Sadiqa Sakin, President of the NAACP Seattle Chapter. With many accusations currently on display in the court of public opinion, Ms. Sakin sat with us to address the many issues currently on display in the city and on social media. The discussion includes allegations of inappropriate use of funds, investigation of current and previous administrations, personal integrity inquiries and much more. Upscale Ignorance asked the questions and raised the concerns of the public. Sadiqa Sakin answers for you and the community. 
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