“When They See Us”: In-Depth Discussion on the Series, Criminal Justice System and More. Plus Rihanna, The Obamas and NBA Finals Recap

In the latest episode, the @UpscaleIG team talks through the monumental “When They See Us” and the Criminal Justice as a whole. With its disparaging view toward black and brown boys, fears of raising a child today and the incredible obstacles and trauma people have to overcome, especially the black women out there who have had to close the gap created by an unjust system. A great discussion mixed with an NBA Finals recap, #BlackGirlMagic shining on Forbes and more…

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#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Style Icons

@UpscaleIG discusses the top 5 Style Icons of this generation. Some folks are stylish, others are change the culture. Some are trendy, some are trendsetters. @TrapMoneyFreshy, @JayeSweets and @GreenDiggidy discuss who they are for them. Hit @upscaleIG, let us know who are the icons of YOUR generation!

Episode 15 – “We Fly High”: Red Table Talks, Mass Bail Outs, Pusha Tea and more…

After @JayeSweets and @GreenDigiddy “Square Up” the crew kicks off a fully loaded episode touching on the upcoming midterm elections, NBA Season and diving into an honest conversation on relationships with the help of Red Table Talks. We also discuss all things Ignorant including Ryanair, NFL drama while daydreaming about the Mega Millions.

Hosts: @TrapMoneyFreshy, @Greendiggidy and @JayeSweets

Ten in Ten

  1. Mass Bail Out
  2. USA Gymnastics
  3. Shuri and Black Panther
  4. Aretha Franklin
  5. Riri Says No Super Bowl
  6. Pusha Tea
  7. NBA vs NCAA
  8. Luke Cage
  9. Rock the Vote
  10. Lakers v Rockets


  1. NBA Season Preview
  2. Relationships and Red Table Talks

Ignorant S***

  1. Funny topics and tidbits from around the world of sports and entertainment

The Wrap Up

  1. Reliving Super Bowl Halftime
  2. Mega Millions
  3. Per My Email
  4. Childhood Celebrity Crushes

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Name your childhood celeb crushes

Episode 8.2 – “A Rose Through Concrete” with Beauty By Jaye Part 2

Hear the incredible story of Jenita Hill (@Beauty_By_Jaye), an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Learn of the pitfalls and heartache leading her to many triumphs and ultimately creating a leader in the field.