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“Ain’t It Funny” – Dave Chappelle, Antonio Brown, Chicken Sandwiches and US Open Black Girl Magic

@UpscaleIG talks Dave Chappelle and whether Sticks and Stones goes too far. The initial view of the NFL Inspire Change program and Antonio Brown trippin trippin. Plus, hella Black Girl Magic sprinkled at the US Open, tons of new music and Popeye’s got the new Patty Pie! Stay Sticky…
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#QuestionsForTheCulture: What’s On Your Playlist?

In this week’s Questions For The Culture, The @UpscaleIG wants to know “what’s on your playlist?” With the incredible amount of new music released everyday on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, it’s tough to sift through and find gold. Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and suggestions and if we like it, we’ll add it to the “Upscale Ignorance Playlist for the People” on Spotify. Be sure to tag #QuestionsForTheCulture or #QFTC


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