Episode 29 – “What’s Free”: Colin Kaepernick vs NFL, Jussie Smollett, Bernie Sanders and more…

After a weekend of all-stars, the three brightest got together to bring you another podcast discussing the unexpected turn in the Colin Kaepernick saga, whether he should play again and his legacy. And speaking of unexpected, the latest information in the Jussie Smollett saga went from hate crime to Thin Line Between Love and Hate. The @UpscaleIG crew discusses these things and All-Star Weekend, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. We also ask this week’s #QuestionsForTheCulture, what’s the best story song? Sponsored by Sukie’s Candle Company. (@sukiescandleco)

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Episode 28 – “Snowpacalypse Now” ft. @TallHomeyVita and #SnowMageddon2019

Did it SNOW where you were??? We got bombed here meaning the week off, but never fear…earlier this year, Seattle’s greatest producer since Quincy Jones dropped a funky mix for ya’ll to vibe out. And when I say it’s funky, I mean it’s FUNKY! Vitamin D is nothing short of a musical genius and legend, and before you get his story on Upscale Ignorance, we’ll hit you with some of his work! Peep this mix, (House Party Style) and we’ll be back with you soon! S/O #Snowmageddon2019 for the cabin fever.

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Episode 27 – “The Chronic” ft. @JarvDee: Music From Seattle to Seoul

I just wanna smoke my weed and listen to this podcast, with @JarvDee narrating the ups and downs of the music industry. @TrapMoneyFreshy and @GreenDiggidy catch up and find out how this Seattle native has music poppin’ in Seoul, Korea and why you should never give up on the grind. Plus, hella laughs and thoughts on 6ix9ine, 21 Savage, the “not so” Super Bowl (#ImWithKap), Bow Wow and more…sponsored by Sukie’s Candle Company. (@sukiescandleco)

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Episode 26 – “Success” ft. @SuccessBully: Setting and ACHIEVING Goals in Business and Life

Keita Williams, Founder of @SuccessBully, stopped through to help you with your goal setting in business and life. As a black, female entrepreneur, Keita is well-versed in what it takes to succeed and knows it’s done better with support and motivation. With tips on how to set and achieve goals, as well as, crushing the ideas that tend to not work, @SuccessBully drops a few jewels for you to get your life in order. Plus, in our #QuestionsForTheCulture, we discuss whether or not your significant other should move on if you’re beyond memory. Add in the latest news and notes and yet another incredible episode, sponsored by Sukie’s Candle Company. (@sukiescandleco)

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Episode 24 – “Fruit Salad” ft. @Elartison: Healthy Eating and Living, A Journey to Becoming a Black Vegan

S/O to Vegans, the queen @elartison AKA Elle Artison stopped through to rap with @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy on eating well, being healthy and her journey to being Vegan and its health benefits. Clean your body and soul with this word on @UpscaleIG. The crew also discusses the NFL playoffs, LeBron as GOAT and Bad Boys 3.





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Episode 21 – “Independent Women”: A Discussion on Independent Women vs. Providing Men

The crew take on the discussion of “Independent Women” and whether or not that’s a good thing. in the week’s discussion, many have weighed in on whether a man who avoids an independent woman simply wants control vs being a provider and natural giver. @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy also touch on Kevin Hart, the Grammys, Black Girl Magic, Content Creators, NBA Madness, Meek Milly and more.

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Episode 19 – “Dear Mama” ft. @sheizdope: The Life of a Single Mother, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner…with QUADRUPLETS!

Hear LaFleshe Broussard (@sheizdope) discuss life as a single mother and business owner. Oh, and by the way, she’s got QUADRUPLETS. Hear how this mom of 5 deals while staying wavy. Plus, @JayeSweets talks Michelle Obama and Jill Scott while @TrapMoneyFreshy and @GreenDiggidy hit the NBA and NFL craziness. Gobble Gobble!

#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Rap Groups

With it being the 25th Anniversary of the legendary releases, Midnight Marauders and Enter th 36th Chambers, this week’s #QFTC features @TrapMoneyFreshy, @GreenDiggidy and @JayeSweets running down their top 5 rap groups ever. They also have a special guest in the building.  You mad? At me bro! @UpscaleIG #QFTC #JoinTheConversation

Episode 18 – “Get Money” ft. Antoine Toussaint: Wealth Management, Achieving Financial Success and Breaking Generational Curses in the Black Community

On the latest episode of Upscale Ignorance, the crew talks financial issues concerning our community, tips for saving and changing generational habits with Antoine Toussaint, a professional wealth manager. (27:00) We also discuss the trust of others handling your money, caring for parents AND children and the pitfalls of credit. In news, @TrapMoneyFreshy, @GreenDiggidy and @JayeSweets touch on the midterm elections, craziness in Cali, continued tragedy in Chicago, Jimmy Butler and more…peep the latest. For more info on our guest, hit @upscaleig

Ten in ten

  1. Midterm Elections
  2. Mississippi Senators
  3. Thousand Oaks Shooting
  4. Cali Wildfires
  5. Jimmy Butler
  6. Le’Veon Bell
  7. Dubai Hoverbikes
  8. Jemel Roberson
  9. Toy Story 4
  10. Stan Lee

Guest: Antoine Toussaint

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Top 5 Rap Groups Ever

Episode 16 – “Hate Me Now”: Blackface, Hate Crimes and Overcoming Trauma in Relationships

In what was a difficult week for many, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @JayeSweets try to digest the hate crimes of recent. In an effort to keep spirits up, the UI team also discusses the crazy week in scoring for the Splash Brothers, shows a salute to Diddy and Elon Musk. UI also takes a deeper look at the ability of people to so easily advice at leaving a relationship. Peep the agenda below

Ten in Ten
1. Diddy
2. Bombs
3. Megyn Kelly
4. Kroger Shooting
5. Ethiopia has a new Pres
6. Flint Water
7. trump and citizenship
8. Simone Biles
9. Splash Bros, Jimmy Butler and NBA Recap
10. Skipping College

Food For Thought
1. Staying Through Trauma in a Relationship

Ignorant S***
1. Nick Cannon Battles Who?
2. I’m Not Black, I’m Dr. Phil
3. Uproar Over Uproar
4. 50 Front Row for Ja
5. Boogie Cousins
6. R.I.P. Madea

The Wrap Up
1. Best Thing Out
2. Worst Thing Out
3. Halloween Scared
4. Name That Movie
5. #QFTC: Best Scary Movie

Questions For the Culture: What’s the Best Scary Movie Ever?