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“Ain’t It Funny” – Dave Chappelle, Antonio Brown, Chicken Sandwiches and US Open Black Girl Magic

@UpscaleIG talks Dave Chappelle and whether Sticks and Stones goes too far. The initial view of the NFL Inspire Change program and Antonio Brown trippin trippin. Plus, hella Black Girl Magic sprinkled at the US Open, tons of new music and Popeye’s got the new Patty Pie! Stay Sticky…
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“I’m A Business Man”: Jay Z and the NFL, Colin Kaepernick, 1619, Nipsey Hussle and more

@UpscaleIG talks Jay Z, Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. This lightning rod issue has caused people to take sides. The crew tajes aim at the issues honestly and unfiltered. Plus, the 1619 discussion in NY Times about US history starting when slaves first reached america. Plus, CNN releasing an all black news show, Steph Curry giving back, Nipsey Hussle, Power returns and so much more. Enjoy and holla at us. Who’s right, who’s wrong? Above all, stay sticky…
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“Trading Places”: Does Social Media Effect Relationships?

With obvious ties to the rise of social media and changes in mental health, the squad focuses on whether social media affects their relationships and how. (33:00) An open discussion on jealousy, perception vs reality and constant feelings of comparison and the importance of having a strong mind. Also @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy discuss these things and (4:30) R. Kelly, NFL Free Agency and Biggie. Also this week’s #QuestionsForTheCulture, does or has social media affected your relationships? Let us know @upscaleig…

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“She’s Gotta Have It” featuring @_axsm: The Grind of a Local Artist

Remember when art and music and creativity we @UpscaleIG caught up with Raft and Joy Hollingsworth, owners of the Hollingsworth Cannabis Co. to talk about being black business owners in the cannabis industry. From legislation to the burden and opportunity of giving opportunity back to a community once displaced by a business now glamourized and celebrated. @thccompanywa also talk the future of the industry and opportunities for entrepreneurs, and the benefits of THC for pain, sexual pleasure, relaxation and more. And it wouldn’t be Upscale Ignorance unless we touch on the craziness of the week, from Jussie Smollett in court, Zion Williamson on court, Robert Kraft in a “dome” and R. Kelly out the field. We also ask this week’s #QuestionsForTheCulture, what under the radar artists and songs are on your playlist?
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#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Style Icons

@UpscaleIG discusses the top 5 Style Icons of this generation. Some folks are stylish, others are change the culture. Some are trendy, some are trendsetters. @TrapMoneyFreshy, @JayeSweets and @GreenDiggidy discuss who they are for them. Hit @upscaleIG, let us know who are the icons of YOUR generation!

Episode 9 – “No News is Slow News”: Jemele Hill Says Peace (and So Does Kanan)

The boys talk MJ, Birdman and Weezy reuniting and who’s catalog goes to a desert island in #QuestionsForTheCulture. They also catch up on NBA, NFL and College Football happenings, Serena Williams’ fine ass, Urban Meyer and Jemele Hill’s departure. Learn about Eve Ewing and the black female Iron Man, an officer is finally convicted for an unjust killing, Power is dead…(and so is Kanan) and Oprah, Doja Cat, Astroworld and more…