Chris Brown

“Look At Me Now”: Chris Brown x Indigo, NBA Free Agency, Pride Month and Why Black People Don’t Get The Same Love

@UpscaleIG talked the NBA craziness, from Kevin Durant to the Knicks failure and everything in between. Plus, the evolution of Chris Brown and where his legacy stands amongst the greatest entertainers. Last but certainly not least, a good conversation on Pride Month and why the world will ride for gays and celebrate while avoiding the same energy come February. We also ask @JoyHollings what it’s like being both black and gay and if that slighted feeling is ignorance or valid. Peep the latest and share your thoughts…

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#QuestionsForTheCulture – Who is the King of Rnb?

Whatup @UpscaleIG fam, word is someone else (ahem…Jacquees) jumped off the ledge and proclaimed themselves the king of something, this time the King of Rnb (of this generation). The squad weighs in to see if the Maury test determines that to be a lie. Also weigh in on some greatness all-time in Rnb. We want to hear from you as well. @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy if you got somethin’ to say! #QFTC