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“Ain’t It Funny” – Dave Chappelle, Antonio Brown, Chicken Sandwiches and US Open Black Girl Magic

@UpscaleIG talks Dave Chappelle and whether Sticks and Stones goes too far. The initial view of the NFL Inspire Change program and Antonio Brown trippin trippin. Plus, hella Black Girl Magic sprinkled at the US Open, tons of new music and Popeye’s got the new Patty Pie! Stay Sticky…
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“Hidden Figures”: A Real Conversation with #BlackGirlMagic

The @upscaleig crew sat with 5 beautiful young ladies to discuss life for #BlackGirlMagic. Thoughts on boys, sex, drugs and how adults can create better communication and relationship. Also, thoughts on body shaming, colorism, driving while black and so much more! An essential listen for those raising queens!

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Episode 25 – “Survivor” ft. @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash: A Surviving R. Kelly Community Discussion to Address Issues and Move Forward Together

In our first Live Podcast, the crew aimed to create an open, safe space for the community to address the Surviving R. Kelly series, its implications on a larger scale, and how we can heal together. Featuring @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash, Licensed Therapists with additional resources to help the community come together, learn and heal.

Hosts: @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy


  1. Seeing Something, Saying Nothing
  2. Young Ladies and Adult Males
  3. Parent/Child Communication and Relationships
  4. The Blame Game
  5. Separating Artistry From Person
  6. Increase In Interest In R. Kelly?
  7. Song Lyrics and Messages. 90s and Current
  8. Selling Sex to Kids
  9. Control and Brainwashing
  10. Victim Shaming? Victim Blaming?
  11. Common In Black Community? All communities?
  12. “Surviving Lies” with R. Kelly?
  13. Elevation of Broken People .Celebrities
  14. Courts and Investigations
  15. Sexual Assault Lines Surge
  16. Difficulties In Speaking Up
  17. Current Persona and Public Appearances
  18. Help for R. Kelly?