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Episode 25 – “Survivor” ft. @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash: A Surviving R. Kelly Community Discussion to Address Issues and Move Forward Together

In our first Live Podcast, the crew aimed to create an open, safe space for the community to address the Surviving R. Kelly series, its implications on a larger scale, and how we can heal together. Featuring @t.williamscounselingservices and @therapywithash, Licensed Therapists with additional resources to help the community come together, learn and heal.

Hosts: @JayeSweets, @GreenDiggidy and @TrapMoneyFreshy


  1. Seeing Something, Saying Nothing
  2. Young Ladies and Adult Males
  3. Parent/Child Communication and Relationships
  4. The Blame Game
  5. Separating Artistry From Person
  6. Increase In Interest In R. Kelly?
  7. Song Lyrics and Messages. 90s and Current
  8. Selling Sex to Kids
  9. Control and Brainwashing
  10. Victim Shaming? Victim Blaming?
  11. Common In Black Community? All communities?
  12. “Surviving Lies” with R. Kelly?
  13. Elevation of Broken People .Celebrities
  14. Courts and Investigations
  15. Sexual Assault Lines Surge
  16. Difficulties In Speaking Up
  17. Current Persona and Public Appearances
  18. Help for R. Kelly?

#QuestionsForTheCulture – CD Memories

Chillin with the folks at @AfricatownSea, the @UpscaleIG team share some fond memories of the Central District, nothing more, nothing less. Join the conversation…check out @UpscaleIG on Facebook and Instagram and share your love for the CD!

Hosts: @GreenDiggidy, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @JayeSweets
Guests: @Wykingrmc and @TraeHoliday of

#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Style Icons

@UpscaleIG discusses the top 5 Style Icons of this generation. Some folks are stylish, others are change the culture. Some are trendy, some are trendsetters. @TrapMoneyFreshy, @JayeSweets and @GreenDiggidy discuss who they are for them. Hit @upscaleIG, let us know who are the icons of YOUR generation!

Episode 14 – “All Falls Down”: Wake Up Mr. West, Drizzy and Lebron and White Supremacy Still Here

The crew drags their feet to discuss Kanye, though also touching on Lebron, Drake and “The Shop” in relation to Mr. West. Also discussing issues regarding voting, welcoming back the NBA and speaking on what’s new in music. Other topics include Africa’s Youngest billionaire, the loss of Paul Allen, white supremacist rallies, forever first lady Michelle, King Coogler and leaders of the next generation. Be sure to check us out @UpscaleIG on all social media.

Hosts: @TrapMoneyFreshy, @Greendiggidy and @JayeSweets

Ten in Ten

  1. Paul Allen
  2. Africa’s Youngest Billionaire
  3. Michelle Obama Education Initiative
  4. New Music
  5. Black Panther 2
  6. white supremacy rallies
  7. Voting Rights
  8. Hurricane Matthew Relief
  9. Time’s Next Generation
  10. Lebron and Drake hit Staples


  1. Kanye
  2. The Shop on HBO

Ignorant S***

  1. Funny topics and tidbits from around the world of sports and entertainment

The Wrap Up

  1. Music Requests
  2. Kids Movies
  3. NBA Calls
  4. Best of the Burgers
  5. School Dance Days
  6. Best Dance Songs

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Name a song that no matter what makes you hit the dance floor

Episode 13 – “It’s Been A Long Time”: Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves as the New @UpscaleIG

Back from vacation, the Upscale Ignorance crew (with special guests) is back discussing a wide range of topics from the Carter V to Kevin Hart/Katt Williams to Brett Kavanaugh.  Forgive some sound errors and rock with us. Peep the loaded topic list below:

Rnb Group Rankings (5:00)

The Lead (18:00)

  • Boomerang to the Small Screen
  • Shut Up and Dribble
  • On The Run II Tour
  • Carter V
  • Quincy Jones Documentary
  • KD Returns to Seattle

The Feature (37:00)

  • Kevin Hart v Katt Williams and the idea of love and respect vs money and fame
  • Brett Kavanaugh and White Male Privilege

Ignorant S*** (1:05:00)

  • Police Officers Killed in SC
  • LaQuan McDonald Verdict
  • R.I.P. Amarah Riley
  • Chance for Chicago Mayor
  • Space Jam 2
  • Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll

The Wrap Up (1:22:00)

  • The Cookout
  • Will Smith
  • Ghost Stories
  • Talent Unfulfilled
  • Petty Breakup Stories
  • Aquemini Turns 20

#QFTC Favorite OutKast Album

Episode 11 – “Ups and Downers”: Mac Miller, Drug Culture, Depression and More…

The crew discusses a heavy week including the death of Mac Miller, Drugs and Depression. The crew also touches on Nas and Kelis, Serena and double standards, Meek and Drake and the killing of another unarmed black man, Botham ShemJean, in his own apartment. Lebron again puts on for women with #StrongestWomen and Nike makes some fire shoes, literally this time, with backlash from the Kaepernick ad. Also in quick hits, John Legend is the EGOT, Power finale, Nia Franklin is Miss America and remembering 9/11. That and plenty more stuff this episode. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of ups and downs on this episode of Upscale Ignorance.

Episode 10 – “Chess Not Checkers”: Nike with Kap and NFL, The Sitgma of Black Women’s Responsibility to Save Black Men

In a loaded episode, the boys talk Nike and Kaepernick, The Shop with Lebron James, Eminem v MGK, Drake, Kim and Kanye, Childish Gambino and the stigma of black women’s responsibility. Geoffrey Owens and reality, Andrew Gillum and more…

Episode 9 – “No News is Slow News”: Jemele Hill Says Peace (and So Does Kanan)

The boys talk MJ, Birdman and Weezy reuniting and who’s catalog goes to a desert island in #QuestionsForTheCulture. They also catch up on NBA, NFL and College Football happenings, Serena Williams’ fine ass, Urban Meyer and Jemele Hill’s departure. Learn about Eve Ewing and the black female Iron Man, an officer is finally convicted for an unjust killing, Power is dead…(and so is Kanan) and Oprah, Doja Cat, Astroworld and more…

Episode 8.1 – “A Rose Through Concrete” with Beauty By Jaye Part 1

Hear the incredible story of Jenita Hill, an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Learn of the pitfalls and heartache leading her to many triumphs and ultimately creating a leader in the field.

Episode 8.2 – “A Rose Through Concrete” with Beauty By Jaye Part 2

Hear the incredible story of Jenita Hill (@Beauty_By_Jaye), an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Learn of the pitfalls and heartache leading her to many triumphs and ultimately creating a leader in the field.