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“Trading Places”: Does Social Media Effect Relationships?

With obvious ties to the rise of social media and changes in mental health, the squad focuses on whether social media affects their relationships and how. (33:00) An open discussion...

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#QuestionsForTheCulture: What’s On Your Playlist?

In this week’s Questions For The Culture, The @UpscaleIG wants to know “what’s on your playlist?” With the incredible amount of new music released everyday on platforms like Spotify and...

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“She’s Gotta Have It” featuring @_axsm: The Grind of a Local Artist

Remember when art and music and creativity we @UpscaleIG caught up with Raft and Joy Hollingsworth, owners of the Hollingsworth Cannabis Co. to talk about being black business owners...

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#QuestionsForTheCulture: Is It Cool For Friends To Be Friends With Your Ex?

In this week’s Questions For The Culture, The @UpscaleIG asked for protocol…is it cool for your friends to be friends with your ex? How about you, are you cool...

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Episode 30 – “Mary Jane” featuring @thccompanywa: Being Black Owned in the Cannabis Industry

Remember when there was a “weed” store on every corner, and now there’s a weed store on every corner? @UpscaleIG caught up with Raft and Joy Hollingsworth, owners of...

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#QuestionsForTheCulture – Best Story Songs

The @UpscaleIG crew got to thinking, what are the best story songs in Hip-Hop and R&B? From Biggie to Slick Rick to Alicia Keys, come with us on a...

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Behind The Mic


Show Host

Jenita “JayeSweets” Hill is an on-air personality and the queen of Upscale Ignorance. On top of being an insightful, strong black woman with the opinion to match, Jaye is also the head of Beauty By Jaye specializing in makeup application and a sugaring hair removal technician. Don’t let the pretty face fool you though, it’s not best coming for Jaye unless first sent for. A great example to her two beautiful daughters and lover of Ella Mai, @JayeSweets ain’t nothing to play with!


Show Host

Always 100, Randy Green AKA Green Daddy is an on-air personality and co-host of Upscale Ignorance. Known for getting to the “why” of the matter and continuously uplifting his community, Green is an everyday maker of Black History.  When not on the air, @GreenDiggidy can be found mentoring and working with at-risk youth in the juvenile detention system, providing opportunities and breaking a cycle often too familiar for inner cities. A former Division 1 collegiate basketball player, Green has now AND next.


Show Host

Cameron Sparks, known in the city as “Fresh1” is one of the hottest DJs in the city and co-host of Upscale Ignorance. Providing mixes and guest appearances in the US, Tanzania, the UK and Kenya, there’s no box that can hold him.  When not interviewing guests, highlighting brilliance in the community, Cam is raising his two beautiful children and tripping over sneakers in his infamous collection. A serial entrepreneur and unapologetic lover of winning in our community, @trapMoneyFreshy is for the culture.

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