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“Juneteenth”: Freedom Music

In celebration of Juneteenth and all of the freedom fighting going on in the streets, here’s a mix to help keep that push going. At this time, the officers that murdered Breonna Taylor have yet to be arrested and Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Dedicated to so many that have lost their lives to...

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“Deuces”: Upscale Ignorance Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” comes together to celebrate the journey and reminisce on the best of times. Take a stroll with us down memory lane. Remember, black is beautiful… Host: Host: Host: Show: Facebook: Upscale Ignorance Podcast – Home | Facebook Website: For Sponsorship and Advertising: Upscale Ignorance, the...

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“24K Magic”: Remembering Kobe Bryant ft. @LizetteLove

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” brought @LizetteLove through and talked the greatness that is Kobe Bryant. Like the rest of the world, we came together to grieve the tragic loss of Kobe, Gigi and the friends lost in the helicoptor crash near Calabasas. His legacy in basketball, images of him as a father and plenty...

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“What’s Love Got To Do”: Are Black Relationships Dying? Favorite Decade Moments

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” asked why are relationships dying? Better yet, we brought in author and Life and Relationship Coach, Debrena Jackson Gandy to drop jewels about how the idea of marriage is a past thought in today’s society. The discussion includes views on marriage from both younger and older generations. Older generations...

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GREATEST HITS: The Black Love Episode

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” is celebrating the year with it’s Greatest Hits. “Let’s Stay Together” brought three black couples at different stages in their marriage, 15 years, 5 years and 1 year, and discussed the ups and downs of marriage. This deep discussion included what commitment means, communication, sex, infidelity, respect and so...

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“This Is A Man’s World”: Black Men Open Up About Women and Their Experience

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” let women ask questions of black men for open, honest answers. Hear how we feel, dispel rumors of our reputation and also take accountability for some of our worst traits. Why don’t we seek help for our mental health? How do we approach dating? When do we know we...

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“Mind’s Playin Tricks”: Black Mental Health Discussion ft. Erin Arney (@_HonestTea)

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” is back with a good discussion on Mental Health in the black community. Erin Arney (@_honesttea), one of the co-authors of the book “Black Family Health-O-Pedia” sits down to discuss why black people don’t go seek mental health services, racial bias in treatment and access to care. Also, naturopathy and...

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“Headlines”: @UpscaleIG x @MackandNelly talk Myles Garrett, Drake, Kanye and Other Ignorant Shit

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” is back with the homies Mack and Nelly Podcast (@MackandNelly) for a bonus show to talk the crazy fight in the NFL with Myles Garrett, a good discussion on Drake’s greatness after getting booed off stage at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival. We also touch on folks bringing...

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