Episode 30 – “Mary Jane” featuring @thccompanywa: Being Black Owned in the Cannabis Industry

Remember when there was a “weed” store on every corner, and now there’s a weed store on every corner? @UpscaleIG caught up with Raft and Joy Hollingsworth, owners of the Hollingsworth Cannabis Co. to talk about being black business owners in the cannabis industry. From¬†legislation to the burden and opportunity of giving opportunity back to a community once displaced by a business now glamourized and celebrated. @thccompanywa also talk the future of the industry and opportunities for entrepreneurs, and the benefits of THC for pain, sexual pleasure, relaxation and more. And it wouldn’t be Upscale Ignorance unless we touch on the craziness of the week, from Jussie Smollett in court, Zion Williamson on court, Robert Kraft in a “dome” and R. Kelly out the field. We also ask this week’s #QuestionsForTheCulture, can your friends be friends with your ex?

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