“Mind’s Playin Tricks”: Black Mental Health Discussion ft. Erin Arney (@_HonestTea)

@UpscaleIG  AKA the “Best Black Podcast” is back with a good discussion on Mental Health in the black community. Erin Arney (@_honesttea), one of the co-authors of the book “Black Family Health-O-Pedia” sits down to discuss why black people don’t go seek mental health services, racial bias in treatment and access to care. Also, naturopathy and how both physical health are closely interconnected, and issues with Big Pharma. Also, Erin Arney discusses her personal journey in the health care system as a survivor of cancer, and what it was like to witness the stereotypes we face as a community personally. Finally, the discussion on Black Family Health-O-Pedia written by four naturopaths to better inform the community about health care options and stigmas. Also, we wouldn’t be the “Best Black Podcast” without Ignorant S*** which includes Jussie Smollet, T.I. and more this go around. Stay sticky…
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