Month: October 2019

“The Questions”: NAACP Seattle Chapter Discussion with Sadiqa Sakin

@UpscaleIG  caught up with Sadiqa Sakin, President of the NAACP Seattle Chapter. With many accusations currently on display in the court of public opinion, Ms. Sakin sat with us to address the many issues currently on display in the city and on social media. The discussion includes allegations of inappropriate use of funds, investigation of current and previous administrations, personal integrity inquiries and much more. Upscale Ignorance asked the questions and raised the concerns of the public. Sadiqa Sakin answers for you and the community. 
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“2 Dope Queens”: Convo With Black In The City Podcast

@UpscaleIG  chilled with the folks of Black In The City Podcast (@blackincitypod) to show off the best black podcasts in the world Craig. With another hilarious edition of “State Your Case” this battle of the sexes talks bad music, bad sex, bad relationships and more hilarious Ignorant Shit. Peep Makeda, Sierra and Mental Health extraordinairre Toni Williams (@the_tonimontana) as the women outnumber the men and it shows. Stay sticky…
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More hilarious takes of “State Your Case”

“We Fly High”: 2019-2020 NBA Preview ft. @Hoopsmack

@UpscaleIG  is back and you already know what it is when the folks @Hoopsmack come through to talk that talk. Our 2019-2020 NBA Season Preview is here as we talk the real King of LA, Lebron or Kawhi. Which team will reign supreme, Clippers or Lakers? Best tandems, best 3rd player and supporting cast, beasts of the east, rest of the west and more. How will Zion do in his first year and the future of the NBA after KD and Lebron. We also find out the other teams that have a shot, Rockets, Nuggets, Blazers, Sixers, Bucks and what do the new look Nets do without Kevin Durant. Be sure to hit us up with your thoughts. Stay sticky…
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“Studio”: Racial Inequalities in Sentencing. Tyler Perry and Black Excellence. Is this the best Joker ever?

@UpscaleIG  chilled with the folks of Hoopsmack Podcast to discuss the Amber Guyger sentencing and the racial inequalities in sentencing. Also the disparities in treatment of cops vs citizens, especially people of color and forgiveness in the black community. Also, the brilliance of Tyler Perry and what the opening of Tyler Perry Studios shows the next generation. Also, his growth and how much he and those in entertainment have put on others to prominence. Plus, is Joaquin Phoenix topping Heath Ledger as the best Joker ever? Plus Snoop Dogg, Future, #SexForGrades and more in this week’s edition of Ignorant Shit. 
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“Cater 2U”: Should Women Submit To Men? Should College Athletes Be Paid? Difficult Rape Conversations…

@UpscaleIG asks if women should submit to men. After hearing Fantasia discuss on the breakfast club, the crew weighs in. Also, a very difficult conversation on rape and at what point does the accused become the victim? Plus, weighing in on the Fair Pay to Play Act which will allow college athletes to receive income from their name and likeness, leveling the playing field in the NCAA. Amber Guyger’s conviction of murder for Botham Jean, impeachment, NBA rankings and much more in the latest. Stay sticky…
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Fantasia’s Comments on Breakfast Club: