Month: November 2018

Episode 20 – “Game Night”: Lighten Up with Would You Rather and What Would You Do?

With all the heaviness in the world today, the @UpscaleIG crew decide to lighten it up a bit and have themselves a game night. Throwback Cartoons, Would You Rather, What Would You Do and more…nothing’s off limits for @JayeSweets, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @GreenDiggidy.

#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Style Icons

@UpscaleIG discusses the top 5 Style Icons of this generation. Some folks are stylish, others are change the culture. Some are trendy, some are trendsetters. @TrapMoneyFreshy, @JayeSweets and @GreenDiggidy discuss who they are for them. Hit @upscaleIG, let us know who are the icons of YOUR generation!

Episode 19 – “Dear Mama” ft. @sheizdope: The Life of a Single Mother, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner…with QUADRUPLETS!

Hear LaFleshe Broussard (@sheizdope) discuss life as a single mother and business owner. Oh, and by the way, she’s got QUADRUPLETS. Hear how this mom of 5 deals while staying wavy. Plus, @JayeSweets talks Michelle Obama and Jill Scott while @TrapMoneyFreshy and @GreenDiggidy hit the NBA and NFL craziness. Gobble Gobble!

#QuestionsForTheCulture – Top 5 Rap Groups

With it being the 25th Anniversary of the legendary releases, Midnight Marauders and Enter th 36th Chambers, this week’s #QFTC features @TrapMoneyFreshy, @GreenDiggidy and @JayeSweets running down their top 5 rap groups ever. They also have a special guest in the building.  You mad? At me bro! @UpscaleIG #QFTC #JoinTheConversation

Episode 18 – “Get Money” ft. Antoine Toussaint: Wealth Management, Achieving Financial Success and Breaking Generational Curses in the Black Community

On the latest episode of Upscale Ignorance, the crew talks financial issues concerning our community, tips for saving and changing generational habits with Antoine Toussaint, a professional wealth manager. (27:00) We also discuss the trust of others handling your money, caring for parents AND children and the pitfalls of credit. In news, @TrapMoneyFreshy, @GreenDiggidy and @JayeSweets touch on the midterm elections, craziness in Cali, continued tragedy in Chicago, Jimmy Butler and more…peep the latest. For more info on our guest, hit @upscaleig

Ten in ten

  1. Midterm Elections
  2. Mississippi Senators
  3. Thousand Oaks Shooting
  4. Cali Wildfires
  5. Jimmy Butler
  6. Le’Veon Bell
  7. Dubai Hoverbikes
  8. Jemel Roberson
  9. Toy Story 4
  10. Stan Lee

Guest: Antoine Toussaint

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Top 5 Rap Groups Ever

Episode 17 – “Let’s Stay Together”: A Discussion of Black Love

In this episode of Upscale Ignorance, @TrapMoneyFreshy, @JayeSweets and @GreenDiggidy hosted 3 beautiful couples at different stages in their marriage to talk about the realities of relationships. Touching on communication, sex, infidelity, unconditional love, gender roles and how and when you know it’s the ONE! Rich kings and queens drop jewels for all…

Ten in Ten

  1. Don Lemon vs…
  2. JR Smith wants out.
  3. Derrick Rose goes for 50.
  4. WNBA Players opt out of CBA.
  5. Bad Boys 3 confirmed.
  6. Oprah down in GA.
  7. R.I.P. Roy Hargrove
  8. 49ers Cheerleader takes a knee
  9. Happy 31st to Kap
  10. Happy Homecoming to many HBCUs.

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Most overrated singer ever?