Month: October 2018

Episode 16 – “Hate Me Now”: Blackface, Hate Crimes and Overcoming Trauma in Relationships

In what was a difficult week for many, @TrapMoneyFreshy and @JayeSweets try to digest the hate crimes of recent. In an effort to keep spirits up, the UI team also discusses the crazy week in scoring for the Splash Brothers, shows a salute to Diddy and Elon Musk. UI also takes a deeper look at the ability of people to so easily advice at leaving a relationship. Peep the agenda below

Ten in Ten
1. Diddy
2. Bombs
3. Megyn Kelly
4. Kroger Shooting
5. Ethiopia has a new Pres
6. Flint Water
7. trump and citizenship
8. Simone Biles
9. Splash Bros, Jimmy Butler and NBA Recap
10. Skipping College

Food For Thought
1. Staying Through Trauma in a Relationship

Ignorant S***
1. Nick Cannon Battles Who?
2. I’m Not Black, I’m Dr. Phil
3. Uproar Over Uproar
4. 50 Front Row for Ja
5. Boogie Cousins
6. R.I.P. Madea

The Wrap Up
1. Best Thing Out
2. Worst Thing Out
3. Halloween Scared
4. Name That Movie
5. #QFTC: Best Scary Movie

Questions For the Culture: What’s the Best Scary Movie Ever?

Episode 15 – “We Fly High”: Red Table Talks, Mass Bail Outs, Pusha Tea and more…

After @JayeSweets and @GreenDigiddy “Square Up” the crew kicks off a fully loaded episode touching on the upcoming midterm elections, NBA Season and diving into an honest conversation on relationships with the help of Red Table Talks. We also discuss all things Ignorant including Ryanair, NFL drama while daydreaming about the Mega Millions.

Hosts: @TrapMoneyFreshy, @Greendiggidy and @JayeSweets

Ten in Ten

  1. Mass Bail Out
  2. USA Gymnastics
  3. Shuri and Black Panther
  4. Aretha Franklin
  5. Riri Says No Super Bowl
  6. Pusha Tea
  7. NBA vs NCAA
  8. Luke Cage
  9. Rock the Vote
  10. Lakers v Rockets


  1. NBA Season Preview
  2. Relationships and Red Table Talks

Ignorant S***

  1. Funny topics and tidbits from around the world of sports and entertainment

The Wrap Up

  1. Reliving Super Bowl Halftime
  2. Mega Millions
  3. Per My Email
  4. Childhood Celebrity Crushes

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Name your childhood celeb crushes

Episode 14 – “All Falls Down”: Wake Up Mr. West, Drizzy and Lebron and White Supremacy Still Here

The crew drags their feet to discuss Kanye, though also touching on Lebron, Drake and “The Shop” in relation to Mr. West. Also discussing issues regarding voting, welcoming back the NBA and speaking on what’s new in music. Other topics include Africa’s Youngest billionaire, the loss of Paul Allen, white supremacist rallies, forever first lady Michelle, King Coogler and leaders of the next generation. Be sure to check us out @UpscaleIG on all social media.

Hosts: @TrapMoneyFreshy, @Greendiggidy and @JayeSweets

Ten in Ten

  1. Paul Allen
  2. Africa’s Youngest Billionaire
  3. Michelle Obama Education Initiative
  4. New Music
  5. Black Panther 2
  6. white supremacy rallies
  7. Voting Rights
  8. Hurricane Matthew Relief
  9. Time’s Next Generation
  10. Lebron and Drake hit Staples


  1. Kanye
  2. The Shop on HBO

Ignorant S***

  1. Funny topics and tidbits from around the world of sports and entertainment

The Wrap Up

  1. Music Requests
  2. Kids Movies
  3. NBA Calls
  4. Best of the Burgers
  5. School Dance Days
  6. Best Dance Songs

#QuestionsForTheCulture: Name a song that no matter what makes you hit the dance floor

Episode 13 – “It’s Been A Long Time”: Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves as the New @UpscaleIG

Back from vacation, the Upscale Ignorance crew (with special guests) is back discussing a wide range of topics from the Carter V to Kevin Hart/Katt Williams to Brett Kavanaugh.  Forgive some sound errors and rock with us. Peep the loaded topic list below:

Rnb Group Rankings (5:00)

The Lead (18:00)

  • Boomerang to the Small Screen
  • Shut Up and Dribble
  • On The Run II Tour
  • Carter V
  • Quincy Jones Documentary
  • KD Returns to Seattle

The Feature (37:00)

  • Kevin Hart v Katt Williams and the idea of love and respect vs money and fame
  • Brett Kavanaugh and White Male Privilege

Ignorant S*** (1:05:00)

  • Police Officers Killed in SC
  • LaQuan McDonald Verdict
  • R.I.P. Amarah Riley
  • Chance for Chicago Mayor
  • Space Jam 2
  • Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll

The Wrap Up (1:22:00)

  • The Cookout
  • Will Smith
  • Ghost Stories
  • Talent Unfulfilled
  • Petty Breakup Stories
  • Aquemini Turns 20

#QFTC Favorite OutKast Album