Month: September 2018

Episode 12 – Introducing “Running Clock”: NBA Talk

With the Upscale Ignorance crew on vacation, we thought we’d preview our upcoming show Running Clock. Running Clock features sports talk, with today’s diving into the impact and results of Lavar Ball (0:00), is the NBA too friendly (6:00), Big 3 Recap (12:00), Seattle Storm rout (14:45) and finally, it’s dive into the top position players in the NBA starting with the top 5 PGs for the upcoming season (16:00).

Buckle up!

Episode 11 – “Ups and Downers”: Mac Miller, Drug Culture, Depression and More…

The crew discusses a heavy week including the death of Mac Miller, Drugs and Depression. The crew also touches on Nas and Kelis, Serena and double standards, Meek and Drake and the killing of another unarmed black man, Botham ShemJean, in his own apartment. Lebron again puts on for women with #StrongestWomen and Nike makes some fire shoes, literally this time, with backlash from the Kaepernick ad. Also in quick hits, John Legend is the EGOT, Power finale, Nia Franklin is Miss America and remembering 9/11. That and plenty more stuff this episode. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of ups and downs on this episode of Upscale Ignorance.

Episode 10 – “Chess Not Checkers”: Nike with Kap and NFL, The Sitgma of Black Women’s Responsibility to Save Black Men

In a loaded episode, the boys talk Nike and Kaepernick, The Shop with Lebron James, Eminem v MGK, Drake, Kim and Kanye, Childish Gambino and the stigma of black women’s responsibility. Geoffrey Owens and reality, Andrew Gillum and more…